” to gather magic power, and continuously use these magic powers, so that the barriers of the magic pool can be tempered repeatedly, making the barriers of the magic pool thicker and stronger .

Every time you use “meditation” to gather full mana, the magic pool will slightly increase its volume.

Only by gathering magic energy repeatedly in this way can the capacity of the magic pool be continuously expanded. The Guild of Magic divides magic apprentices into ten levels. Most of us freshmen who have just awakened in the magic pool are first-level magic apprentices. The first level one to six is ??very good for the magic apprentices. As long as we practice repeatedly every day” “Meditation”, there will always be someone who will become a level 6 magic apprentice, but a 南京龙凤论坛 level 7 magic apprentice not only needs the magic pool to reach the standard, but also needs the magic apprentice to comprehend one based on the knowledge learned. Elementary magic skills. Only such a magic apprentice is a real magic apprentice.

The ninth-level assessment of magic apprentices is more stringent. It requires not only the magic reserve to reach the standard, but also a certain degree of magic affinity. Therefore, the old professor told us that each magic department is different, and the magic affinity requires constant practice of element control. Able to increase affinity. Affinity refers to the magician’s own adaptability to magical elements after getting along with magical elements for a long time. This is the magical affinity.

At the ninth level, one has to learn a follow-up magic that has some 南京桑拿夜网 requirements for magical intimacy. Only if the magical affinity is enough can it be considered a qualified ninth-level magic apprentice.

Well, hard work can solve all things, that’s it!

Nine-level magic apprentices break through the last threshold. It is not so easy to become a magician. A lot of magic apprentices are blocked at this step. If you want to obtain a magician qualification, not only the capacity of the magi

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