magic engraving pen was inserted into the mouth of the bottle. It just so happened that I was already screaming and squatting down, and the broken glass flew over my head and back. The sharp piece of glass made my back hurt. I simply wore 南京夜生活论坛 a magic robe today. Although the magic robe sent to the magic apprentices in the academy was scumbag, its defense power was very strong and ordinary. It is difficult to cut it.

When I looked up again, I saw the Yerkis scholar with a black and gray face, standing in a daze. The glass bottle containing the magic ink in his hand was already exploding. There was no glass slag left, but 南京龙凤网 Yerkisner. The hand holding the glass bottle was dripping with blood. The magic engraving pen in the other hand was also blown up to half of it, but I found that even so, the other parts of Scholar Yakis were hardly damaged. There was a layer around his body. The elliptical mask appeared occasionally, and I thought to myself: Is this the magic shield?

Yerkes’ face was not as ugly as he had imagined. He kept repeating a sentence paranoidly: 南京桑拿按摩网 “There is nothing wrong with Moonlight Ink. This bottle of ink is indeed a waste ink that has expired. So what is the reason? What?”

His eyes stared at me like a greedy wolf, and then said: “How did you do it?”

“Is this magic scroll?” I didn’t understand what he meant. He looked fiercely, and I couldn’t help taking two steps back.

Jerkes seemed to have thought of 南京桑拿会所 something suddenly, and he grabbed the scroll and walked back to the other side of the room. There was a pile of abandoned machines. He squatted in the tattered garbage dumps, constantly After searching, he finally found a square talisman metal plate in the garbage dump. I rarely touch these magic props. These things are treasured by the merchants as the treasures of the town shop. A child like me usually It’s hard to see these magic items when visiting the store, so I don’t know what exactly he took out.

He put the talisman metal plate on the ground, unfolded the scroll that I jus

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