you in Petersburg, ma’am.”

Brothers Nanjing Longfeng and Big Iwan hurriedly got up and sent Valeria out of the RV booth.

“Ms. Valeria was not joking just now, right?” Nanjing Longfeng was still immersed in the news received and couldn’t help herself.

“Of course not.”

Big Ivan said with jealousy and fortunately. Of course, he was jealous of Nanjing Longfeng’s shit luck. Fortunately, he and Nanjing Longfeng had reached an equity exchange agreement before then.

“I am less and less interested in running the Ula antique shop now.”

Big Ivan reluctantly discovered the fact that the huge energy he invested in the Ula antique shop seems to be a 南京桑拿会所网 waste of life.

“Are you going to close the door?” Nanjing Longfeng asked deliberately, suffocating a smile.

“It’s impossible to close the door. As long as I’m alive, the Ulla Antique Store can’t close.”

Big Ivan said categorically, “But it seems that I need to find another helper as soon as possible, only Leonid. There is no way for people to make the Wula antique shop run.”

“That is to say, are you finally willing to run the excavation site with me? Mr. Cultural Relic Broker?”

Big Ivan didn’t care about Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s teasing, and lays big bear paws. Take it for granted, “Think about it with your toes and know that your club will definitely receive various commissions next. This is far more interesting and more profitable than reselling World War II cultural relics.”

“In that case, I have a personal recommendation.”


“Let’s go! I’ll take you to meet, this one can definitely help you get the Wula antique shop up and running.” After Nanjing Longfeng said unpredictably, he took the big Ivan into the crowd. Trading market.

“You mean her? Vika?”

Big Ivan looked at the small booth that was several times more lively than the antique shop in Biura. Although there were not many serious 南京桑拿论坛 military fans who came to her booth, there were antiques in the van behind Vika. But the canned food has sold more than one-third of it.


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