The door of the classroom was surrounded by children waiting for the test. They blocked the water around the door of the classroom, and those students in the classroom held them nervously on their arms, carefully observing the colorful stripes. I was leaning on 南京桑拿会所 our side leisurely. Looking inside, a familiar figure appeared in my sight. I thought it was my hallucination, but after blinking my eyes, the feeling did not disappear. I took a closer look at her dress. I can’t believe my eyes. .

A young assistant in the uniform of a war academy teacher knows that her figure is very well-proportioned when she looks from the back. Her waist is not 南京桑拿楼凤网 slender, but it appears dexterous and powerful. She is bending over from behind. A bottle of licorice was found in the cabinet at the bottom of the test bench, and when he bent down, a white back waist was exposed. This sight caught the eyes of all the children at the door. Her sexy figure was very charming.

And I stood at the door, and the more I looked at the figure, the more I felt that figure was very familiar. The ponytail behind her head kept swinging,

and she looked at me in surprise. Obviously she did not expect to meet me here. The girl was wearing Her beautiful figure is covered by black hair, a navy blue dress and a gray turtleneck sweater. She wears a pair of tortoiseshell crystal glasses on the bridge of her nose, which looks so cute on the bridge of her nose. Time we actually looked at each other speechlessly. 南京桑拿按摩网

It turned out to be the long-lost Morayar. After saying goodbye outside the castle, I originally thought that there was no chance for the two of us to have any intersection. Unfortunately, less than a month later, we were unexpectedly at war. Met in a laboratory of the Magic Academy.

“It’s you, ah! What are you doing? Participating in the magical awakening ceremony, but you” Moraya’er covered her mouth, looking at me in surprise, her eyes are very smart.

I didn’t know what to say. Facing the magic assistant, Morayale, lowered my

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