I would not go to the Water System Ecological Park, so he asked me when the class was over, “I asked Shirley to find a place in the Fire System Ecological Park. Would you like to experience the practice of water magic in a place full of fire elements? What’s it like?”

In that ecological garden full of volcanic 南京龙凤网 rocks and sulfur, I could feel what’s so good. I shook my head, I smiled and refused to Noah and said, “I’m going to the fire ecological park to take your fire magic. Teacher’s resources, do you treat me as if I have nothing to do?”

Noah did not argue, just smiled.

Noah and I talked and laughed and went out. Several male magic students in the class who were familiar with Noah also gathered beside Noah. After 南京夜生活spa论坛 everyone discussed about practicing meditation in the Fire Element Ecological Garden, we went there. The Advanced Swordsman Academy invites some beautiful girls to come and have dinner together in an upscale restaurant.

Noah said to me in the crowd: “Jiga, it’s been so long since you came to the Royal Academy of Magic, you probably have never participated in this kind of sorority! Would you like to 南京桑拿会所网 experience it with us?”

I know the magic student of the Royal Academy of Magic We often have such sororities, and we can always meet beautiful girls from the Swordsman Academy. Those ladies from noble families also hope to meet a young and outstanding magician. After all, a magician who graduated from the Royal Academy of Magic Word of mouth has always been very good. Maybe you can enjoy a romantic love with a girl at first sight at the sorority.

I was not interested 南京桑拿夜网 in this, so I shrugged my shoulders to Noah and said, “You don’t know how busy I am. There are too many things to prepare recently, so let’s next time!”

“Don’t always use the same An excuse to prevaricate me!” Noah protested to me, “I know you are busy, but don’t you think you should have some other fun in your life? You can easily have no 南京桑拿会所 friends like this.”

I said to him: “Aren’t you my friend? It’s not enough!”

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