dense forest and the gravel road full of moss, “Even tanks can’t drive up here.”

“Look for it, maybe there is any clue.” Nanjing Longfeng pointed to the surrounding dense forest, “At least this 南京桑拿夜网 is very suitable for guerrilla. Isn’t the team hiding?”

Elena shrugged, “As long as you are paid, I agree with everything you say.”

“Why do you say everything is so easy to misunderstand?”

Nanjing Longfeng dare not quarrel with Elena, this girl It’s just a top-of-the-line version of Vika. It’s hard to take advantage of it. Of course, it’s nothing else.

A group of people came to the top of the mountain, looked around, and saw 南京夜生活spa论坛 a large spruce.

This small hill is too short, standing on the top of the so-called hill can only see the surrounding undulating terrain at most, even the sky is difficult to see.

“Would you like to climb up and take a look?” Elena asked, pointing to the thick spruce on the small hill.

“Don’t talk about me, even the guerrillas back then can’t climb up.”

南京桑拿论坛 Nanjing Longfeng was too lazy to pay attention to Elena, and turned on the metal detector on his own.



Everyone at the scene glanced at each other, and unanimously cast their gazes to the location covered by the probe.

“Such luck?”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix shook back and forth without believing in evil, and finally determined that it was not the reaction of the metal detector, and then quickly pulled 南京夜网论坛out the engineer shovel fixed horizontally to the waist bag.

When the shovel went down in twos, the damp soil was excavated. With the help of a metal detector, Nanjing Longfeng squeezed out a long strip of iron with rust from the soil.

“Is this a magazine?”

Elena took a look and said affirmatively, “The magazine of 7.62x54mmR.”

Putting the magazine aside,南京桑拿按摩 Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix continued to scan with a metal detector, but she didn’t expect There is also a metal reaction!

Chapter 41 Heroes and Clues

“This is the shell of the Makarov pistol. This is the pull ring. Considering

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