26. A large amount of corpse 南京桑拿按摩网 fire oil from the sludge was turned into a spray nozzle. The fine particles were blown out by the six wind arrays around the flamethrower. The hot flames engulfed the mist of corpse fire oil, swallowing them towards the giant spiders on the shore of the swamp, like two dragons. The dragon’s breath was spitting out in the dense forest. When those corpse fire oil contaminated the giant spider’南京夜生活spa论坛s body, the flame also followed the corpse fire oil and stuck to the giant spider.

The rain of short flying spears and long rods thrown by the orc warriors forced the giant spiders to be unable to approach us at all. In a panic, the giant spiders tried to flee on both sides of the marsh shore, but were blocked by two fire dragons. As a result, The giant spiders were panicking, burning hot flames all over, thumping like dumplings, jumping into 南京龙凤网 the puddles of the swamp.

The spiders who were struggling towards the shore had even more desperate gazes. In their horror, they held the black moonblade axe in their hands and slashed fiercely at the quagmire monsters beside them. It is a pity that the quagmire monsters were even killed by the moonblade. The axe split in half, sank into the water, and soon afterwards it would 江苏桑拿论坛 surface again, the huge grimace with that kind of weird smile, once again leaped at the spiders in the mire, and plunged most of the body into the mire. The spider people completely swallowed into the deep quagmire.

The giant spider was forced to retreat by the soldiers and fled into the swamp. Qige and I stood on a high place, watching from a distance the spider people dying in the 南京桑拿会所 mud.

“What the hell are those?” Qige frowned, looked at the huge grimace emerging from the mud in the distance, and asked me cautiously. When looking at the giant grimace monster, Qige’s eyes were full of alert.

I was surprised and asked: “You were just in the swamp water pool. Didn’t you meet these

sludge monsters?” Qige put on a natural expression and said to me, “Of course not. The

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